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Smokin Du-Rags:

We would like to THANK all our VETERANS for there service and WELCOME HOME!

All our Du-Rags are one size fits most. They all have a super absorbent terry cloth sewn in the headband, unless otherwise stated. My Du-Rags are HANDCRAFTED, AMERICAN MADE in Melbourne, Florida, USA! I take pride in each and everyone I make. Everything on my site comes in a wide selection of patterns and colors as you can see. Check out my Youth and Infant Du-Rag Sections, infant du-rags has elastic in the back and youth du-rags tie in the back and have a sewn in sweatband in the front. Last but not least I make Pet Scarves to match your Du-Rag colors.

Our Du-Rags can be worn under Hard Hats, Helmets,and they are also great for workouts and any other outdoor activty, or just for looking cool.

Thanks For Visiting Our Web Site, Until Next Time, Be Safe and Watch Out For Those Evil Road Spirits!!!

Tammy Rivera

Steps on How to Properly Don and Wear a Smokin Du-Rag

There is nothing worse than seeing a beautiful American hand-made Du-Rag on somebodies head all jacked up.

Here are some simple steps:

1. Put the Du-Rag on loosely over your head.

2. Pull the Du-Rag down just above your eyebrows and centered on your head.

3. Ensure your Du-Rag is above your ears.

4. Grab the loose ends and tie a simple knot over the tail.

5. Pull down on the tail of the Du-Rag while holding the front centered area just above your eyebrows.

6. Now with the Du-Rag snug on your head tie a second simple knot or bow.

7. After wearing it for a short period of time re-tie your Du-Rag for the perfect snug fit.

Now your ready to hit the road Confidently & Proudly knowing you are wearing the best Du-Rag in America!!!


If your in Daytona Beach stop in FROGGY'S SALOON and get your Du-Rag! Or visit their store online.

We wish to Thank all of our new and returning customers for your buisness and feedback.

See you all at me upcoming shows!

Be Free and Ride Safe!!!